Tethered Coming To PS VR

by EdEN, Owner

Indie developer Secret Sorcery has been working on their first project, and it turns out it’s a new PlayStation game, and they’re finally ready to reveal it. The name of the game is Tethered, and its coming to PS VR this fall! You have to check the announcement trailer below to see why this charming game has definitely caught our eye.


With the break of dawn, you awaken to find your Heavenly Archipelago ransacked by a plague of nocturnal creatures.
As a Spirit Guardian, you must return balance to your islands by seeking out precious Spirit Energy – an ancient life-force that will eradicate this blight for good.
Using daylight as your shield and wielding awesome elemental influence, nurture your flock – The Peeps – and build up their settlement for the night ahead.
And when darkness envelopes your kingdom, ensure their survival against waves of ravenous scavengers hell-bent on consuming all that lies in their path.
Only the first rays of daylight will banish these dark-loving denizens back to the Island’s underbelly – offering new hope and a chance to lick your wounds, rebuild and resume your quest for restoration.
Without your guidance your peeps will surely perish and without them you cannot hope to rid your lands of evil.
Your fates are Tethered.

Tethered - 1

What did you think of the announcement trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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