SMITE Officially Launches On May 31st

by the_nmac

SMITE, the Free to Play Third Person Action MOBA, will be finishing it’s Beta and officially launching for the PlayStation 4 on May 31st! Since the Beta started they have had several improvements implemented, such as doubling the frame rate – now running at 60 FPS – as well as new Game modes, new Gods, updates on the PS4 activity Feed, and, finally with the latest patch… Trophies

SMITE – Launch Trailer | PS4

You can read about it all on the PlayStation Blog right here.

For those currently playing I don’t think you will see a change this Tuesday, but as the platform continues to evolve, I think we will see some changes every few weeks.

I have enjoyed the Beta and, as a special treat this weekend for Memorial Day, everyone will earn extra XP, Favor, and Followers as long as you are in a party with at least one other person!

Download the game and give it a shot. I will have a full review done soon in time for the official launch! In the mean time check out my early impressions here and the patch update that was released last week here.


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