[Review Revisited] Whispering Willows

by EdEN, Owner

I really like Tracey’s review for Whispering Willows, an adventure game staring a girl called Elena who can project her spirit outside of her body. I loved the look of the game and it’s main gameplay mechanic. Is this the game for you? Come inside to find out!

The premise of Whispering Willows is very interesting, which made it easy for me to want to review it on Wii U when the opportunity came. Exploring the game’s mansion as you interact with evil and benevolent spirits definitely ketp me hooked until the end.

You can read the original review right here.

Helping spirits in the game by searching for items they are missing is a fun way to spend your time with Whispering Willows, so be sure to interact with all spirits. Why? Because on top of these fun sidequests they will also provide you with clues as to what needs to be done next to solve the puzzles in your way so that you can continue with your adventure.

The game is short and can be completed in around 4 hours at most, but it’s a fun adventure that will leave a smile on your face.

Have you played Whispering Willows already? Let us know in the comments below!

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