[PS4] She Wants Me Dead Review

by Ceidz, Owner

She Wants Me Dead is a new game from “Hello There”, a Swedish-based indie developer. In this game, you are following Max, a guy who angered his cat Lula and must now go through a few different but very dangerous levels where his cat has set some traps.

Max is in trouble. He pissed off his cat Lula and now she’s out to get him. And Lula is far from sweet. She is vicious, cold and unforgiving. More dangerous than Lula are her traps – deadly and brutal killing contraptions with Max’s name written all over them.

SHE WANTS ME DEAD is a side-scrolling platform game, released along megastars CAZZETTE’s new hit single with the same name.

She Wants Me Dead – Trailer

As I mentioned earlier, Max will have to go through different side-scrolling levels full of deadly traps in order to reach the Safe House at the end of each level. Every level has checkpoints set at proper intervals, but you only have five lives per level (more lives can be purchased using the in-game money if needed), and I noticed that the difficulty was high even on the first level. This definitely isn’t a game for casual gamers!

At first, I thought this was an endless runner, but I soon learned that you have to pause and wait for the timing of the different traps scattered in the different levels so that you can make your move to stay in one piece. Speaking of which, the traps are composed of pitfalls, axes, spikes, and more, and progressing with care is the key to reaching the safe house at the end of each level.

She Wants Me Dead - 2

One of the things that perplexed me in this game is how the menus are handled with a mouse pointer. The pointer can be moved using the analog stick, but this being a console game, I’d have expected to be able to navigate normally using the D-Pad. It isn’t much of an issue, but it felt weird each time I had to navigate the menus.

This game features a single musical track called “She Wants Me Dead” (hence the name of the game), and it is interpreted by a group called Cazzette. You can listen to the very catchy track right here! The song has been used as the basis for the game, and its elements have been broken down into smaller pieces so that the development team could play around with the song to make each level and section feel a bit different.

She Wants Me Dead - 1

Final Thoughts
She Wants Me Dead is an okay side-scrolling game in which you have to take Max to the safe house of each level. The game is relatively short and the difficulty was high so I don’t recommend this game to casual gamers. I would recommend this game to players loving side-scrollers having a ton of traps.


Cost: $7.99

PSN Game size: 163MB

You can purchase She Wants Me Dead on the PSN right here.

This review is based on a PS4 digital copy of She Wants Me Dead provided by Hello There AB.

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