New SMITE Update coming to the PSN next week!!

by the_nmac

SMITE is launching a 3.8 console patch next week on PS4. It’s a big update, adding a new God “Susano – God of the Summer Storm” who seems to have some cool abilities including Storm Kata, Wind Siphon, Jet Stream, and the Ultimate move Typhoon, as well as Trophies! That’s right, SMITE is finally getting trophy support!

SMITE 3.8 Console Patch Overview – The Perfect Storm

There are also some other cool things in the patch, including new skins for Loki, Apollo, Janis, Nemesis, Xbalanque, and Raijin. Some updates to the Season Ticket, a new Avatar unlocked by entering “AlliedStrong” into the promo code, some rebalancing on the maps, gods, and items, as well as much more is coming with update 3.8, so if you are curious on learning all details about it you can check out this link right here for the full patch notes.

SMITE – God Reveal – Susano, God of the Summer Storm

I’m looking forward to giving Susano a try, as well as to finally earning Trophies! I am hoping that if I have already accomplished some of them they will pop right away, but that’s probably some wishful thinking on my end. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out my Beta preview over here. Since SMITE is a free to play game you can just download it and enjoy it for a while as you go. There is also a Ultimate God Pack you can purchase giving you access to all of the God’s and any future ones released. Check that package by clicking here, since it’s well worth the money!


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