Downwell Coming Soon To PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Ojiro Fumoto, creator of Downwell, has announced that the game will be out on May 24 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita! I’ve been playing Downwell for a while on my iPhone and I’m very ready to play the game some more at home or on the go on Sony’s systems as I work my way towards unlocking all trophies for the game!

If you’ve never heard of Downwell, it is a game where you go down a well, trying to go as deep as possible in a single run as you collect guns, money and defeat enemies as you search everywhere for helpful shops that sell great items that will allow you to have a fighting chance.

Downwell - 1

Since the well is randomly generated, every single run you do will be different from the last, and it is because of this that you can keep coming back to play Downwell over and over again and not get bored by it.

Downwell - 2

Downwell will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 on May 24, and it will be a cross-buy release that will cost you only $4.99! Are you ready for the action and adventure of this fast-paced game?

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