ViMount Playstation 4 Wall Mount Review [Accessory Review]

by Ceidz, Owner

We had a chance to try ViMount’s PlayStation 4 Wall Mount, an accessory that allows you to fix your beloved PlayStation 4 console to the wall, thus enhancing your living room design.

Always wondered how you could secure your console from your kids and animals? Have you been thinking about adding a new piece to your living room design? Have you thought about purchasing a vertical stand to save some space? Then ViMount’s Wall Mount might be the accessory you’ve been waiting for!

ViMount – the unique accessory – is a wall mount for your favorite Playstation™ 4. It’s no longer needed to think where to place your PS4™ console: on a table, TV stand or on the floor. You simply mount it vertically on the wall near the TV, and it complements your home decor perfectly, making the game more comfortable and relaxed. Henceforward, your console is protected against accidental knocks, liquids, children, and animals.

Our wall bracket ViMount has several advantages over the vertical stand – this is the perfect design that combines many qualities that are not limited to the functions PS4™ consoles.

Package Presentation

The package comes in a slick box with ViMount’s logo on top. Once I opened the box, I noticed that the wall mount unit was carefully bubble wrapped. If you live in an apartment or don’t have many tools at home, you’ll be happy to see that the package comes with instructions, all the necessary screws, and some anchors, of which two different types are included: for drywall (most common installation), and for concrete walls. Also, even though four screws is all you need, five of each screw and anchor is supplied, which is perfect if you are clumsy and tend to lose your material!

The wall mount unit itself is very sturdy, and is made from thick steel.


Installation / Setup

Fun things first: ViMount’s wall mount is very easy to install! How easy? Easy enough for me to be able to install it without any problems! First, you’ll need to determine where to put your unit. It must be close to the television so you can hide the wires behind your TV (or you can hide them if you want the illusion to be perfect). Take note that it is recommended to have the console on the left side of your television so the Playstation logo on your console is sunny side up. Like I did, you can have your console on the right side of your television (or below, or even above!), but the Playstation logo on your PS4 will be sideways, which is not an issue, but might help you decide on which side you want to install it. If you install it above, tilting it 90 degrees will allow you to hide your wires behind your TV.

Once you’re sure where your unit will be, take a screwdriver, and punch the four screw holes, so you know where to put the anchors on the wall afterward. Oh, before I forget, DO CHECK the side of the unit before screwing it in, because the console will only fit on one side. Fail to do that and you might have to unscrew the unit from the wall and screw it back up on the good side (actually happened to me, hahaha!).


Available in Black and White

There is only ONE thing I can remotely nitpick about this otherwise perfect unit: a level isn’t built-in on the unit, so I had to use my own to make sure the unit was on level with the ground. If you don’t have a level, ask someone else to validate if the wall mount is right. Once the anchors are set and the screws are installed, use the included plastic screw protectors so your console bottom doesn’t get scratched when you’ll slide it in. It goes without saying but do not try to save time by avoiding using the anchors while bolting the unit directly to the wall!


Once the wall mount is solidly screwed to the wall, you can slowly slide in your Playstation 4 and then plug it in. There are various holders on the unit, so once it’s completely in there, the Playstation 4 is safely locked into place, which was obviously the most important factor here! Once the installation is completed, the wall mount unit is practically invisible.



One of the things I wanted to try right when I finished installing it was putting a disc in it and validating it worked perfectly. To no surprise, the console ate the disc as if the PS4 was laying down on solid ground, and it worked like a charm.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone will want to fix their consoles to the wall, but if you were looking for a vertical stand, keep ViMount’s wall mount unit in mind. Your console will look good, and thanks to its solid built, it’ll be safely set on the wall! And as I mentioned, they are available in black or white, so you can choose the right one depending on the color of your console.

Do you want more information or want to order your OWN ViMount?
Then head directly to their website to order your unit right there: ViMount Official Site.

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