The Final Fantasy XV Collector Edition is Expensive And Sold Out In Hours!

by Ceidz, Owner

Interested in MORE Final Fantasy XV? There was a very expensive (in my opinion) version that gave you a lot more than the original game. How much did this edition cost? IT cost $269.99! Well the price didn’t seem to be an issue since the “30,000 editions worldwide” sold out in only a few hours!

At least that package was full-featured! Here’s a glimpse of what it was offering:

  • Final Fantasy XV game (Of course!)
  • 192 pages Hardcover Artbook
  • Brotherhood Special Soundtrack (in Steelbook)
  • Kingsglaive movie (also in Steelbook)
  • Plus 7 various DLC, including costumes, and item packs
  • A Kai Noctis Play Art

You can subscribe to the “Waiting List” to try your chance to have your OWN collector edition, right here:

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