[Review Revisited] The Swapper

by the_nmac

We often play games for fun and enjoyment. Other times we take on games for the mind-crushing puzzles that accompany them. Every once in a while, you get a game that makes you think. So today, it’s time to talk about The Swapper.

The Swapper is at its heart a puzzle game disguised as a Metroidvania game. You arrive on an abandoned space station and find a weapon that allows you to create clones of you. The clones will follow the direction of your main character, so often you need to be careful of where you walk. The genius here is moving your clones so that they end up exactly where you need them to be in order to solve the puzzle in each room. You can also swap your consciousness between the clones while navigating the level. It’s an interesting concept that opens up a debate: is it morally right to create clone after clone only to have them be killed/disintegrated?

Often your clones will die while trying to progress. Even when they don’t, if you finish the puzzle they still disappear. So while you are switching your consciousness around, it might hit you that after the first few minutes of the game… you probably are no longer the original you.


The space station is awesome to explore, with lots of mystery as to what happened to its residents. The music is atmospheric and moody. If you haven’t played The Swapper, give it a chance. It’s a great game. Fairly certain it was free on PS+ at one point, so if you are a subscriber it might already be in your library, ready for you to play it!

You can read the original review right here.


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