Now Has Over 1,000 Published Posts!

by Ceidz, Owner


We’ve reached our first full THOUSAND POSTS! What a milestone! I remember when this site was founded by Tosh, soon after the PlayStation 4 was finally revealed. Back then the information about the PlayStation 4 was scarce, so we decided to dive in and add our own opinions on this console.

Here are some rough numbers from this blog:

  • 450 Game Announcement posts
  • 224 Game Reviews
  • 60 Weekly recaps
  • 35 Game Giveaways
  • 8 Interviews

*Remaining posts are uncategorized

We wouldn’t be nowhere near what we are now if all of you weren’t reading us! We notice a steady increase in our total readers month-over-month at the site, and we’re very proud of how the site has evolved and still continues to improve.

So here’s to a 1,000 posts… and beyond!

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