[PS4 Review] Tetrobot and Co.

by Tracey

Tetrobot and Co. from developer Swing Swing Submarine and publisher Neko Entertainment is an amazing and very fun puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours- I had an absolute blast playing and here is why. You play as a small white robot called Psychobot, assistant to Maya, its creator. Your job is to help her repair damaged Tetrobots. The levels are full of puzzles to figure out, and each chapter gives you a new Tetrobot to repair. Sound good? Trust me you will absolutely love this cute lighthearted puzzler!

You control Psychobot by pointing where you want him to go, and a white dotted line will appear on the screen, and he will follow the white dotted line. You guide Psychobot through pipes, and you have to manipulate blocks to unlock your next path. You will encounter brain teasing puzzles which will have you scratching your head. The puzzles are very clever and well thought through.

Tetrobot - 1

The controls are perfect- You can suck in blocks by using the Triangle button, and they will appear on a conveyor belt for you to spit out and use later. You can only carry a max of six blocks at a time, and there is a great variety of blocks for a wide range of puzzles to solve. For example, the wooden blocks can burn, and metal blocks can block lasers. There is also glass and steam blocks, but I’ll let you find out what they are used for!

The blocks are key to solving puzzles, and the goal of each level is to find three gold blocks, known as the memory blocks, that are required for repairing Tetrobots. At first, obtaining these gold memory blocks was very easy, but it quickly became apparent in later levels that I’d need to work hard to secure them.

Tetrobot - 2

Thankfully you can rewind time with the Square button and erase a mistake as if it never happened. There is absolutely no limit to how many times you can do it, and there is no penalty either, so you can take your time and experiment with what does and doesn’t work. You may need to backtrack a couple of times through each level to get the gold memory blocks, but it’s worth it.

Tetrobot - 3

After you complete each section of the puzzles, you will end up at a boss level. In boss levels you need to obtain a key, and boy is it a tough challenge! Obtaining the key paves the way for new chapters and even more fun and mind-bending puzzles.

The game has 15 trophies, and none of them are missable, so if you want a nice, challenging and FUN 100%, then look no further. This awesome game deserved a Platinum trophy, but it, unfortunately, couldn’t have a full trophy set.

Tetrobot - 4

Tetrobot and Co. is definitely worth your time. The game’s visuals are crisp and very pretty, the music is good and absolutely fits the game, the levels are cleverly designed, and there is plenty to do at such a low asking price.

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