[PS4 Review] Screencheat

by Tracey

Screencheat is a local or online multiplayer first person shooter with a twist – back in the day, it was frowned upon when during a multiplayer match you “looked over” at the part of the screen of your opponent (since back then all we had was local multiplayer. This time around, looking at everyone else’s screen is a must if you want to stay alive!


Screencheat is a first person view game, and the ultimate goal is to find other players and shoot them… but are you ready for a twist? It turns out that everyone is invisible! This means that you won’t be able to see other players on your screen, so the only way of knowing where each one is would be by looking at their screen to try and figure out their specific location.

Screencheat - 1

Upon starting the game each player is in an assigned colored room, which can make it slightly easier to begin with, but actually tracking players once they are on the move is a different thing entirely – the only thing you can do is watch the other players screens and use the environment in their screen as markers to locate them. You have to constantly switch between your own screen and that of other players, so you don’t get shot and shoot them to rack up points as you aim to win the game.

Screencheat - 2

Screencheat has plenty of wacky weapons to choose from, the weirdest being the toy horse! Sure, there are some normal weapons in there such as the shotgun, but defeating someone with a toy horse is definitely something you all need to experience! Every single weapon has the ability to kill in one shot, so you need to pace yourself to make sure you have a chance to survive long enough.Try as much as you can to always be on the move in order to confuse other players because the moment you stay is when you’ll give them a chance to locate you and terminate your existence!

Screencheat - 3

The rooms may be small, but they are full of shortcuts that will take you to other floors and areas, so even when you think someone might be following you a bit too close, you might still have one last second to make your move and escape from certain death… or even turn things around and defeat your opponent!

Screencheat - 4

Personally, it took me a bit to get used to looking at my own screen as well as at the screens of other players, but you do get the hang of things after a few games. Since each match lasts a few minutes, it’s a perfect game to kill some time here and there, or one where you can spend a few hours having fun thanks to its crazy premise. So if you want to have some lighthearted fun on PS4, Screencheat is the game for you.

Screencheat - 5

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