[PS4 Review] Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!

by Tracey

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a polished objective-based arcade puzzler that is pretty cute to look at, with plenty of bright and vibrant colors. Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is really quite addictive – once you start to play you will have a hard time quitting!

As you play, you aim at beating the objective for each level, thus earning an in-game trophy depending on how well you did (Bronze, Silver, Gold), and if you’re really good you might be able to secure a Platinum trophy for that particular level! And as you might expect, yes, you can obtain an actual trophy for your PSN profile if you get Platinum trophies for all the levels!

The campaign mode is called Remix, and each remix has five levels. Some examples of the objectives you’ll run into are to Survive for as long as possible, graze enemies for danger points, collect apples or to score as high as possible.

Dont Die Mr Robot - 1

As you try and meet your objectives enemies, fill the screen, and since you have no weapons the only way to kill the enemies is by collecting fruit so that when enemies are close enough the explosion from the fruit ends up destroying them.

You can collect coins as you play and purchase upgrades, but said upgrades are automatically disabled in the Remix campaign mode, which makes earning a Platinum in every level somewhat difficult. Despite the cutesy appearance and the fact the game appears to be very very easy during its first 20 or so levels, it quickly ramps up in difficulty with tougher objectives that will greatly test your skills.

The game also offers two extra modes, both of them of the endless variety where which you can use all the upgrades that you purchase from the shop. As with any standard endless mode, the aim is to survive for as long as you can and to achieve the highest score possible so that you can secure a place on the leaderboards. The first of the endless mode is Chill-Out (the pace starts really slow and ramps up at a steady pace), and the second endless mode is Time Attack where you are given two and a half minutes to survive and rack up a ton of points. In this mode instead of dying, you lose points, and you will do so until the timer runs out.

Dont Die Mr Robot - 2

Don’t Die, Mr.Robot! is a very addictive arcade puzzler that is fun and very vibrant with the electronic music to match the game’s action perfectly. For the amount of content offered, the price is really low – for only a few dollars you will get hours and hours of fun!

This review is based on a copy of Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! provided by Infinite State Games

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