[PS4 Review] Among The Sleep

by EdEN, Owner

Psychological horror game Among the Sleep is a release where you get to play as a little kid in a first person perspective. If you think that’s not scary, try to remember how you were as a kid and what you could and couldn’t do when you had barely started to walk. One night you wake up and realize that the whole house has gone very dark and that your mother is gone. What are you going to do now?

Among the Sleep starts on a happy note. It’s your birthday, and your mother has a cake for you and a gift, so it’s time to celebrate! But shortly after that someone knocks on the door, and it seems its not someone mom wanted to see. After this short scene mom takes you to your crib to sleep, and once you wake up the game begins.


No one is around, and the house is darker than usual. There are some weird noises you can hear, and your mother is nowhere to be found. What is a young kid to do? Well, you better crawl out of your crib and search around the house for some answers! You’ll crawl and walk around the house as you interact with many of the objects around your home, but before that you’ll find Teddy, who apparently can talk! After a short tutorial, you’re set to explore beyond your room.

Among The Sleep - 1

Things get weird and fast, but you do have to consider if there is actually something bad going on or if the toddler’s imagination is taking over and morphing reality into something much, much worse. Why? Because a closet suddenly becomes an large passageway into a hidden corridor full of cracks on the floor and menacing objects, and you eventually find yourself outside of the house and in some very weird locations.

Among The Sleep - 2

Everything looks huge and scary and weird from the perspective of a toddler, and that along with some jump scares here and there will keep you always on high alert as you explore every corner of the game, searching for clues as to what is really going on. Teddy will be your trusty companion, offering some advice and input on your current situation, and he will comfort you when you’re feeling lonely. Just hug Teddy to make him glow, making you feel better while also serving as a much-needed source of light int his dark world.

Among The Sleep - 3

I’ve had a great time with Among the Sleep, and loved the premise and the way it was presented in the game. It looks great on the PlayStation 4 and is very much worth your time and money. You’re looking at around 4-6 hours of gameplay (and a bit extra time if you go for all the trophies), making the game a great option to spend your gaming time with.


This review is based on a PS4 copy of Among The Sleep provided by Krillbite Studio

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