[PS4 Puzzle Action Review] Sparkle Unleashed

by Tracey

I Love 10tons. They have regularly been putting some great games on PSN over the last couple of years now. I’d definitely recommend downloading some of their very fun titles – such as Tennis In The Face – and you should also definitely get Sparkle Unleashed, a very easy “pick-up and play” type of game.

Sparkle Unleashed includes a tutorial, but I really don’t think you’ll need it. The game plays in a similar fashion to Zuma, so if you have ever played (or seen someone play) Zuma, then you are all set! The only change in Sparkle Unleashed is that this time there is no aiming crosshair. While this might sound like an issue with accuracy but in fact it doesn’t affect the accuracy rate at all, I have been able to chain combo’s of three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen and so on with no problems what so ever.

Sparkle Unleashed  - 1

The Aim of Sparkle Unleashed is to stop the snake of orbs going down the hole. The quicker and further away from the hole you ate, the more points you will accumulate at the end of that level. The game has 18 power-ups in total to earn through the natural progression of the game. In Previous Sparkle games, these power-ups would automatically unlock as you progress, but in this edition you have a power-ups menu, and you can pick and choose which power-ups you want to be activated. The highlighted ones show that those are available right now, while the greyed out power-ups will be available as you progress. Some of the examples of power-ups are Firebolt (explodes 2 balls of your choice), Orb of Decay (releases a spreading decay – like a virus – on impact), Wild Orb (matches with any color orb), Double Wild Orb (matches twice before being consumed) and many more.

Sparkle Unleashed  - 2

Sparkle Unleashed has two game modes for you to enjoy. There is the campaign mode where you can play and unlock power-ups after completing each set of braziers. And there is the survival mode which is pretty self-explanatory. You have to stop the endless snake from going down the hole in a never ending line of orbs for as long as you can. It is a very fun and very good challenge, which is where the replayability is.

Sparkle Unleashed  - 13

I have enjoyed the Sparkle series by 10tons. Each new edition is better and more polished, and Sparkle Unleashed is certainly the most polished game out of the three. The graphics are very beautiful and vibrant with lots and lots of levels to chew through. I found the game to be quite relaxing which is why I have enjoyed it so much. It is definitely worth a download if you are looking for a quick and easy time killer or just want a game to relax with.

Sparkle Unleashed  - 4

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