[Editorial] PSN Is Finally Getting Two-Factor Authentication Feature!

by Ceidz, Owner

According to Polygon, the PlayStation Network will finally ramp up its security by adding a (very likely optional) Two-Factor authentication.

What is Two-Factor authentication and why is it such a big deal? Well, its a feature that protects your account in case of theft. For example, let’s say someone got access to your PSN password… this actually means that he/she can do a lot of damage to your PSN account, including changing your password (thus locking you out of your account) or purchasing games through your registered credit card. Nobody wants any of those scenarios to happen!

This is where Two-Factor authentication comes in. Your login and password doesn’t changes, but your mobile phone will be required as a code will be sent there. So, if you have that feature enabled on your account and somebody tries to login, he’ll be stuck at the code screen, since its highly unlikely he has both your login information AND your mobile phone. Meanwhile, if your account has been compromised you might receive a SMS telling you to input the code without you ever having tried to login to the PSN. If that ever happens, your account is compromised, so you better change your password ASAP!

I hope this feature releases soon, since it’s already been 5 long years since the 2011 worldwide PSN hack.

If you’re using Gmail, Outlook, PayPal, or any other worldwide service, they almost all offer a form or another of Two-Factor authentication, so do not hesitate to activate it on your other accounts to protect your data!

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