Coming To Street Fighter V This Month – Guile!

by EdEN, Owner

There’s a ton of Street Fighter players who are going to be VERY happy about this piece of news: CAPCOM will release Guile this month for Street Fighter V! That’s right, everyone’s favorite sonic man with a weird and impossible hair cut is coming back to the series with an updated look and a surprise or two under his non-sleeves.

Along with Guile, we’re also getting an update to address the problem of rage quitters who ruin the ranking of the game’s leaderboards, not to mention player’s enjoyment of the game.

Guile SF V

Rage Quit System

We’re also happy to announce that we will be implementing a system to punish players who frequently disconnect during matches (aka rage quitters).

The way this will work is the system will identify players who have high disconnect rates during matches and will lock them out of matchmaking for a period of time. Players who have been identified as abusing the system will receive an in-game message notifying them they have been locked out of matchmaking.

You can read more about this right here.

Guile joining the Street Fighter V roster is a big deal for all of the players who basically main Guile in tournaments, so yeah, this is definitely big news!

Street Fighter V

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