Want To Save Big? Then Check Out This Flash Sale!

by EdEN, Owner

Do you want to save big on a ton of awesome PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita and even PSP games as well as on some great movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Blade Runner and Catwoman? The you better act fast because a Flash Sale is currently live and you have until Monday to take advantage of these massive savings!

There’s definitely something for everyone in this sale, from PS2 on PS4 classic Rogue Galaxy to Alien: Isolation and everything in between. Want an RPG? Sure, there’s some in there. An action game? Then you’ll definitely find many! Indie games? Yes!

Just a href=”http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/04/22/flash-sale-now-deals-on-action-games-movies/” target=”_blank”>click right here to check the full list of movies and games included in this Flash Sale.

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