Very Intriguing “Fish Game” Koi coming to PS4

by Ceidz, Owner

Koi is a game where you are playing as a fish. I can’t think of many games where you get to play as a fish (a proper fish, not a fish with muscle arms), so this one definitely caught my attention!

This incoming release will be the first game to ever release from Sony China, and after looking at the video below, I’m quite intrigued about the gameplay, and can’t wait to see more information about this game once it’s closer to launch!

Koi is a game about a fish. And a pond. But it’s not a fishing game. It’s a game where you play as the fish!

The game has puzzle solving and item collecting, with an eye toward bringing you, the player, to a calm and happy frame of mind as you restore the pond to its natural state. By guiding our koi hero, you can purify the underwater world as you navigate obstacles that block your path, solve puzzles, and open flowers to restore the water’s health.

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