The Church In The Darkness, an Action-Infiltration Game Coming To PS4

by Ceidz, Owner

A new Action-Infiltration game is coming soon to the PlayStation 4. In this new game, you’ll have to infiltrate a religious cult in South America in a town called “Freedom Town” to ultimately save your sister’s son from the influence of this bizarre cult.

What particularly caught my attention is how dynamic the gameplay seems to be. It seems that each playthrough will be different and replayability will be encouraged to see other possible events.

You get to play the way you want — you can play precisely and avoid detection completely, you can get the guards out of your path using non-lethal methods, or you can kill anyone who gets in your way.

The game is meant to be highly replayable, and each time you play the motives of Isaac and Rebecca will change.

More information about this new release can be found on the Official Playstation Blog.

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