[PS4blog] Weekly Recap – March 7 to March 13

by EdEN, Owner

The new weekly recap is here! Click past the break to check all of our news and reviews for the previous week to make sure you haven’t missed any.

For the previous weekly recap, you can click right here.

No Man’s Sky Launches on June… And It Is Getting A Physical Release!

[PS4 Double Review] Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space

Out Today – Don’t Die, Mr. Robot Out

Out In April – Pang Adventures

[PS4 RPG Double Review] Megadimension Neptunia VII

New Dungeon Crawler Enter the Gungeon Releasing On April 5th

New PSN Promo – Launch Party 2016

[PS4blog Interview] Nexus Games Studios On Randal’s Monday

Very Intriguing “Fish Game” Koi coming to PS4

Do You Want to Become a Writer For PS4Blog.net / PS3Blog.net?

[PS4 Review] REPLAY: VHS is not dead

New Video Series – The Making of Uncharted 4

Coming To PS4 – Everything

[PS4 Horror Review] Layers of Fear

Doom: Closed Beta From March 31 to April 3

Catlateral Damage – Out On PlayStation 4 On March 22
[Review Revisited] Trivial Pursuit Live!

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