[PS4blog.net Interview] Bloober Team On Layers Of Fear

by EdEN, Owner

We really liked Layers of Fear from Bloober Team so we decided to get in touch to talk about the game.

PS4Blog: Welcome! Good to have you with us. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers so that we can get started with this interview?

Hello wonderful people, my name is Rafał Basaj the PR Manager for Bloober Team – I will be the voice of the team for the remainder of this interview.

PS4B: The team has been working hard for the release of Layers of Fear on PlayStation 4, and not it’s finally available to all. How would you describe this game?

Layers of Fear is a psychological and psychedelic horror game in which you will learn how it is to be a madman… But in all seriousness – you take on the role of a once renowned painter who after a series of tragedies has lost his family and reputation as an artist. His final wish is to ‘bring back what he has lost’ by painting a true masterpiece, a Magnum Opus. You will traverse an ever shifting mansion where you can never be certain what awaits you not only in the next corridor, but in the room you currently occupy. The game’s focus is on fine art and dark, deep narrative.

PS4B: How long did it take Bloober Team to develop Layers of Fear to take it from concept to the finished product we see today?

It’s really hard to answer this question as we had the concept long before our programmers typed in the first lines of code. The core mechanics and plot ideas were created before we even knew that we will develop Layers of Fear. Finally a time came when we realised it’s too good of an idea to let it slide, or be merged to a different project. Up to this point we already had a decent part of the game done, we just needed to put it altogether.

PS4B: Are you considering any additional content for the game to be made available as either free or paid DLC?

We are ready to create a DLC, we are just waiting for a fan confirmation that it really is what they want.

Layers of Fear - 2

PS4B: How come there’s no Platinum trophy for Layers of Fear?

The game was just too small. Sony has strict regulations on how many trophies your game may have and it’s really hard to fulfill all of the items on the list to implement the full set of trophies.

Layers of Fear - 1

PS4B: Now that Layers of Fear is out on PS4, what is Bloober Team working on?

We feel very confident in creating horror games and that’s what we will stick to – psychological horror games with the focus on uncanny settings and deep storyline. We should have something to announce later this year regarding our upcoming projects.


PS4B: Thank you for your time. Would you like to say anything else before we go?

Just a small tip – Layers of Fear is filled with different types of metaphors – even the way you play the game has a deeper meaning; if you want to take the most out of our game take the time to ponder on what’s happening on the screen. And of course enjoy the game!

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