[PS4] Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space Review

by Tracey

You are all alone on an empty, desolate planet. You have no clue where you are or who you are. Your only friend is your computer ZING who informs you that the only way to get back home is by jumping from solar system to solar system and pray you get lucky… or else it could take years to get home, if at all! You are trapped in the vast open space, and your sole mission is to make it safely back home, as you make some amazing discoveries along the way.

The game is primarily an exploration game that is the main focus. You will find new planets to explore and new ships and characters plus a multitude of secrets to discover. The game will keep you busy discovering new things!

Your ship is powered by the discoveries you make, so the more you find, the bigger the charge your ship will have and the greater your jumps. You can discover all kinds of stuff as you explore, from debris to gems to some awesome stuff I am not going to spoil for you! Rest assured that you’ll definitely be busy find new stuff everywhere as you go.

Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space

As you begin the game things start out nice and slow so that you can learn the controls, how to conserve fuel, how to fly, how to make jumps, and how to zoom in and out of the map. The game score-based so you have to score a set number of points before you can move on to another system.

Interestingly the solar systems become harder to enter as you progress. Not only that, if you crash and die you lose everything and start your journey again from scratch. ADIOS is indeed a roguelike, and a very challenging one despite the cuteness of the game. I never knew the game was roguelike until I died during my first run, but boy did I learn it the hard way!

Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space

Piloting the ship is challenging, and requires that you are careful with the triggers – too much pressure on the triggers pulls you back into space and not enough pressure will send you spiraling down, damaging your ship or crashing and dying. Also, you need to be meticulous at planning your trajectory towards a planet, and you have to set things just right, or you’ll end up crashing… hard.

Some planets are harmless, and you can explore without fear of danger, while other planets are fraught with death traps, so always be wary! Not everything can cause an instant game over, and if you’re badly damaged you need to make discoveries to heal, so always keep an eye on your health bar! Healing costs fuel, so bear that in mind when you make decisions that could effectively end your game and force you to start again.

Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space

Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space may look simple on the surface, but it’s actually a challenging and fun game. I enjoyed the game since I love to explore when I’m gaming. This one is definitely worth a look and a great release on PlayStation 4. Kudos to Cosmic Picnic for their work!

Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space

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