No Man’s Sky Launches on June… And It Is Getting A Physical Release!

by Ceidz, Owner

Over the last months, I’ve been pretty excited about the release of No Man’s Sky!

On the Official PlayStation Blog, Sean Murray (Managing Director) confirmed that this game will be released on June 21st on PlayStation 4, and it will also be available as a physical version!

On another post, they also confirmed some gameplay elements that are as intriguing as exciting to discover: most planets will feature aliens and spending time with them will allow you to learn their language.

Hello Games has devised a number of distinct alien languages which, at the game’s outset, you will not be able to understand. However, as you explore the universe, discover relics, and talk to new NPCs, you’ll slowly start picking up their dialects.

Are you excited as I am for this release?
If so, head over the official PS Blog to see more information about this release!

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