New Dungeon Crawler Enter the Gungeon Releasing On April 5th

by Ceidz, Owner

Enter the Gungeon is a new dungeon crawler that is set for release next month. I honestly never heard of this release prior to its recent announcement on the official PlayStation Blog, but after seeing the video below, I’m already very excited for this release!

In this new dungeon crawler, you’ll have to go deep to find new and more powerful guns, but there are also other people there besides you, and saving them will definitively help you on your quest!

This excerpt from the announcement post sold me on this game –

Enter the Gungeon will launch with 190 player-usable guns, ranging from pistols and rifles, to laser and beam weaponry, to much crazier weaponry as well. We have a gun that shoots sharks, a gun that shoots bees, a unicorn horn that shoots rainbows — there is a gun that can turn enemies into chickens, and another that might turn them into snakes. You can spread oil all over the floor with the Fossilized Gun, light it on fire using the Flare Gun, and put it out using the Water Gun, then freeze the water using the Freeze Ray.

Want more information about this release?
Head over the official Playstation Blog to read the announcement post!

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