Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice Coming to PS4 Next Week!

by Ceidz, Owner

No, this is not the Dragon Fantasy Book III announcement we’ve been waiting for, but it’s still great news. Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice is the definitive version of Dragon Fantasy Book II, which released two years ago on PS3 and Vita. I reviewed Dragon Fantasy Book II back then, and I enjoyed its battle system and writing that made it a great game to play! Black Tome of Ice will be released on March 22nd on PlayStation 4, so you better get the game! Not sold yet?

Dragon Fantasy The Black Tome of Ice - 1

What impressed me even more is the following statement from Muteki:

Is this some evil money grab to get more cash from the people that already bought the games, just to get a better version?

Nope! This game will be included in the original cross-buy deal, so if you bought Dragon Fantasy: Book II on PS3 or PS Vita, you get this version too. Enjoy.

How cool is that!

Since Dragon Fantasy Book III is still VEEEEEERY far away, I’m glad we’ll be able to play this polished and expanded edition of Book II!

Dragon Fantasy The Black Tome of Ice - 2

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