[PS4 Pulp Review] Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space

by Tracey

Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space is inspired by the science fiction B-movies from the 1960’s, This game is a first person adventure puzzle game with plenty of obscure puzzles to solve. Graphics and gameplay mechanics are interesting, to say the least, but the controls of the game are not perfect.

You play as John T. Longy, a night-watchman at a locationcalled the Jupiter. After another typical uneventful night shift, an explosion suddenly occurs, rendering you unconscious. You find yourself in the basement of Jupiter after waking up. Once you get your bearings, you find a big hole in the ceiling – that is where you probably fell in. The basement level of the game serves as a tutorial – you will learn how to observe, pick up objects, combine objects and many more. Once you learn the basics, you need to find a way out to escape the basement and explore all areas to find out what exactly has gone wrong.

As a true science fiction adventure game, you are going to find weird creatures, eerie goings on and bizarre puzzles. It is your job to discover the mystery behind the explosion at the station and why mysterious alien creatures have invaded. Was it an attack? Or was it an experiment that went disastrously wrong? Well, you are going to have to play the game to find that out!

Albedo - 1

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space is first and foremost a puzzle adventure game. To progress in the story, you need to solve puzzles that can be fairly taxing and a bit obscure. The game also has a hint of survival, because you are on a station that has been invaded by hostile creatures.

The game offers 20 different rooms to explore. You use a temporal view screen which allows you to see solutions to future puzzles – now this is a neat mechanic, and very original. I liked the idea of seeing solutions without actually spoiling the puzzles. It is very clever and unique. Some puzzles will require you to take items apart to obtain particular components to make something else work. Some items can be used with an object in the environment to work, just like in the good old days! If you can’t solve a puzzle you cannot progress, which means there is some frustration involved. There are some secrets hidden areas to find as well! Explore and search everything and use your temporal tool as often as you can because it will help a great deal.

Albedo - 2

Aside from puzzle solving you will have to do some combat as well. During your adventure you will find weapons such as guns, shears and hammers, and if you like just plain old-fashioned fist fighting, well, that is a stupid but available option! You will have to defend yourself against the ugly aliens that are out to get you, so be ready!

The graphics look good and showcase the noir feel of the game. The one problem I had are the controls since navigating the menu is a bit weird and doesn’t work right. Same goes for when you’re interacting with objects since usually the drop object was always highlighted as the default action.

Albedo - 3

Overall the game is fun. The puzzles are very clever and there are plenty of rooms to explore and around 100 items to collect and use. Sure, you could complete the whole game in a single day if you have 6-8 hours of time and are really good at adventure games, but that all comes down to your skills!

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