Trails of Cold Steel II Localization Progress Report

by Ceidz, Owner

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I’m a little late on this news, but I just stumbled on this post, detailing the localization progress for Trails of Cold Steel, the sequel to Trails of Cold Steel, which we LOVED.

As you can guess, we are pretty enthusiastic for any news for the sequel of this great series, and I was excited to see that the localization process was already very well underway!

Translation: 95% complete
Editing: 42% complete

And those numbers mean… we’re right on schedule! Translation on the 1.45 million character monster started in February 2015, and editing began shortly after Trails of Cold Steel finished wrapping up.

I’m very impressed by how far the translation process is, and can’t wait to play Trails of Cold Steel II, since the ending of Cold Steel was so great (and that ending!), so it’s great to see that even though we don’t have a release window yet, odds are good about Trails of Cold Steel being a Holiday 2016 release!

Are you excited for the sequel? Did you buy Trails of Cold digitally or as a physical edition? Let us know in the comments below!


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