[Review Revisited] Contrast

by the_nmac

The PS4 launch didn’t have a lot of games to pay, but it started PS+ off strong with new titles to the system at it’s debut. One of those was Contrast, and now it’s time to revisit our review for the game!

Contrast placed you in the shoes of an imaginary character named Dawn who can jump into the 2D plane on walls and interact with the shadows. The game is an interesting puzzle/platformer where you had to figure out how to interact with what the 3D space and the 2D space had to offer in order to proceed to the next area. You also had to watch how you were using light, as it needed to be in the right spots as to cast the shadows you need.

The background of the game is set in the Jazz filled 1920’s and the game oozes it. The entire story is told around Jazz and a little girl’s relationship with her parents. They did such a good job capturing the time period and delivering an awesome soundtrack.


I really enjoyed this game since it had an adventure game vibe. While it definitely wasn’t a point and click game, its puzzles did seem very old school requiring you to think hard. It’s a very enjoyable game that you should play today!

You can read the original review right here.

What were your thoughts on the title? Will you go back and give it a shot?


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