PS2 Classic Psychonauts Is Coming To PS4 In Spring

by Ceidz, Owner

Double Fine has announced that they’ll be bringing Psychonauts (a PS2 game) to the PS4 library. Essentially, this is a PS4 HD release like Rogue Galaxy and the other recent Playstation 2 emulated games on the PS4.

Along with this release, they also announced that a Playstation-VR exclusive new Psychonauts game is coming, and that Psychonauts 2 has been funded successfully through the Fig crowfunding platform.

Interested in this release? I never played this game back when it released on PlayStation 2, so I’m very happy to get the chance to try it once it releases on PlayStation 4, especially since it will now have have trophy support!

More information about this release can be found on the Official Playstation Blog.

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