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Out On February – Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime

Out On February – Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime
EdEN, Owner
  • On January 25, 2016

Asteroid Base is working hard to have Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime ready for it’s February 9 release on PlayStation 4, and they’ve sent us the release trailer for the game to get things going! You can check it after the break, as well as some extra information and screens about this release. We’re currently working on a review for it so be sure to stick around at!

* Use gems from presents to upgrade turrets and create stronger weapons
* In 1-player mode you control which turret the pet runs to (pets don’t steer)
* When you get close to a planet you can go into orbit and not need to steer
* If you see a huge blast of green space dust, RUN
* To free bunnies you need to shoot their jail, but it will trigger an alarm
* Everything is procedurally generated, so you get a new experience every time, whether it’s because you’re backtracking to collect more bunnies (needed for unlocking later areas) or if it’s just replaying a campaign for fun or with a new partner


The game will be available for PS+ subscribers at a 30% discount for PS+ during launch week, so be ready!

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