[Review Revisited] Resogun

by the_nmac

Pound for Pound, Resogun is still one of PS4’s best games. I loved it when it was released as a launch title on PSN and I still go back to it frequently. The game is a heart beating fast-paced twitch shooter that makes your head want to explode. It was a hell of a game when it was released.

Since then Housemarque has supported it with great DLC to keep us playing. They added a Heroes and Defenders Expansions and several new ships and Human Packs. For a game that was free on PS+ at launch it was well supported. Resogun was also ported to both PS3 and Vita later as a Cross-buy title so that if you still hadn’t purchased a PS4 you could still get a chance to play it.


Housemarque has a few titles in development right now including Alienation and Matterfall, so it will be a bit before we see a sequel to Resogun… if we ever get one. I’m still surprised Sony hasn’t just bought them to make them a second party studio considering the great output of PlayStation exclusives they have released.

You can read the original review right here.

Did you check out Resogun when it launched on PS4? What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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