[PS4 Review] Color Guardians

by Tracey

Color Guardians is a cute and vibrant game that just oozes color. The game plays a bit like Bit.Trip Runner only this one is cuter and even more challenging! You shouldn’t be deceived by the cuteness and all the colors because the game is fiendishly difficult to master.

You will need fast reflexes and an eidetic memory to play Colour Guardians, as you have to dodge obstacles at a pretty fast pace over three lanes to collect every orb and obtain a perfect score. You also earn diamonds if you complete levels without dying, and once you play the game, you will see how difficult this is!

When you start the game, a monster sucked out all the color of the world and replaced it with darkness. Your job is to bring the color back!

Color Guardians - 1

Players control three guardian mascots. Lia is blue, Rod is red and Grock is yellow, and they are the only ones in the world that have the ability to turn darkness into colour. The primary goal of the game is to switch colors to match the orbs on screen and to hit the square button just before hitting the orb to obtain a perfect score, creating chains of combos that increase your score multiplier. Fortunately, each level has checkpoints making it slightly easier for players to restart at a checkpoint, should they “splat” into an obstacle.

Color Guardians - 2

Earning the best possible score without dying is very difficult as you need to have a perfect run on every level, and if you splat into an obstacle at any time during a level, your overall points decrease with each death until you have no points left. Sure, you can still continue your game but you will restart each checkpoint with ZERO points. When you finally manage to beat a tough level, your three-star ranking will be greatly reduced but you are free to retry levels until you gain three stars or better still a diamond. If you want that, then do not die!

Color Guardians - 3

Color Guardians is split into five worlds each containing ten levels and a unique boss to challenge, so that is 55 levels in total full of rainbow running madness, and if you are hungry for more then there are secret areas you can open up as you progress and collect enough collectibles. There are LOTS of concept art and videos to unlock can you unlock them all?

Color Guardians - 4

The music in the game is really catchy and fits well with the style and theme of the game, so kudos to the developers for selecting the right type of music for our adventure! Also, this colorful title includes a full trophy count with 46 trophies: 34 Bronze, 8 Silver and 3 Gold… oh, and a Platinum!

The only complaint I have is the difficulty does spike a bit too early, and things can get pretty hectic at around level 7 or 8. That aside I had a lot of fun playing Color Guardians and for the price and the amount of content available, I do recommend it to you – especially if you like games such as Bit. Trip. Runner.

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