[PlayStation Experience 2015] The Craziest Game Announcements

by Ceidz, Owner

PlayStation Experience was an over the top weekend with a lot of great news for gamers, but there were some odd ducks here and there that felt a bit out o place Yeah, between some of the exciting games announcements we had last weekend, some… let’s say crazier games were announced. For me, two of them stood out in particular.

Read below to find more about them!

The first one is called “Job Simulator”, which is totally in line with the others simulatorgames we got to play, such as Goat Simulator and the quirky Surgeon Simulator. But this time around, we are in the year 2050 and since most mundane tasks are automated, we can do… whatever we want? Anyway, this game is set to use the Playstation VR headset, so it might indeed prove to be an interesting experience.

The second crazy game announcement is for “100ft Robot Golf” (which EdEN covered for the site). As you can see from the trailer below, it seems like a standard golfing game at first, but quickly presents its true nature once the main characters shows up on screen. This game is also set for release to support the Playstation VR Headset, so we’ll see what it’s all about once it’s ready for the masses.

What are your thoughts on these two announcements in particular?

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