Now On PlayStation 4 – Dariusburst Chronicles Savior

by EdEN, Owner

A new entry in the long-running Darius arcade series is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita thanks to Dariusburst Chronicles Savior, and enhanced version of the last arcade release in the franchise. Adam Milecki, Game Producer at DegiGames, shared some extra information about what makes this new version the best thing ever for Darius fans:

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior - 1

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior brings a lot to the table. Between the brand new story mode with hundreds of stages covering Darius history and the 3000+ stages unlockable by global players in AC Chronicle mode, you’ve got a wealth of stages to blast your way through. Not only that, but they branch, allowing you to choose your own path and challenge level. This adds a ton of replay value!

Dariusburst Chronicles Savior - 2

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