[PS4 Review] Never Alone: Foxtales

by EdEN, Owner

Upper One Games and E-Line Media are back on PlayStation 4 to expand on what they did with Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) thanks to the release of the Foxtales DLC. The same care seen for the development of the main game is still present for this additional content that gives us a glimpse of another story from the lore of the Innuit.

This time around Nuna and Fox help us to learn more about and experience a new tale. The story used for this DLC content is The Two Coastal Brothers, and without spoiling things too much, it goes like this: small rat turns into a large rat and then terrorizes the local folk. Got it? Great! This sets things up for Nuna and Fox to explore the cold landscape before them, spending a lot of time underwater, fighting deadly currents as they try to escape the deadly rat.

Never Alone Foxtales - 4

The two characters in Foxtales controls the same as they did in the main game, so all that I said about the controls on my review for Never Alone still applies. Some people reported in their reviews that they struggled with the controls but, as I said in my review, I never run into any problems.

Never Alone Foxtales - 1

And just like in the main campaign for Never Alone, Foxtales presents players with the opportunity to learn more about the stories and lives of the community on whom this game was based on, so to speak. I loved these videos and interviews on Never Alone, and the ones available in Foxtales are very interesting and great, serving their purpose as a complement to a very fun game.

Never Alone Foxtales - 2

Never Alone: Foxtales is a great extension of the ideas presented in the main game. As soon as I completed Never Alone I was ready for a new story with the same attention to detail, and that is exactly what I got with Foxtales. Since this is DLC content it’s length is shorter than what is there in the main campaign, but that was to be expected. Hopefully, the studio is working on another story as DLC, or even in a full sequel because I can’t wait to play some more and experience another tale from Innuit lore.

Never Alone Foxtales - 3

This review is based on a copy of the Never Alone: Foxtales DLC provided by E-line Media.

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