[PS4 Review] Miko Mole

by Tracey

EnsenaSoft is a fairly well-known developer for mobile platforms. I’ve played some their games a few years back when I did a lot of travelling to and from work, and they have a nice catalogue of time wasters. You might want to check out their app store offerings for an idea of what kind of games they do (it is mostly puzzlers). They have now migrated to consoles with Miko Mole, a game that I know you will enjoy. Your kids will enjoy it too.

You play as Miko the Mole, a crafty mole who can fly as well as dig. Miko Mole is similar to Boulder Dash since you play in maze-like maps, and your goal is to collect X amount of diamonds within a given time, and once the diamond counter goes green you can go to the exit and on to the next level – and if you have enough time you can stick around and grab any uncollected diamonds.

The game has six worlds with 40 levels each, so that is a whopping 240 levels. The levels do get more difficult as you progress and you will be greeted with more than just bats to hamper your progress: you will come across a variety of traps such as lasers, spy cameras, as well as a plethora of enemies – alligators, bats, skunks and more!

Miko Mole - 1

As you progress through the worlds, you will get abilities to swim under water, grab and push boulders and to teleport to other sections of a level as you hunt for precious diamonds. To make things a little more interesting, you only have one life and one chance to beat each level, so if you die mid-level, then you have to repeat the whole level again. This can be a real pain, especially in the watery Grave world where you have levels full of water and a huge number of alligators swimming back and forth, with only a few seconds to collect as many diamonds as you can until you reach the next air bubble. There are some levels that can be a bit frustrating but in a fun kind of way. So just keep trying and memorize the patterns to complete them.

If you find a level is getting too tough, you can skip it and move on to the next level. I have only used this feature three times out of 240 levels. Most levels are easy enough to pass with some quick thinking and fast reflexes, but some will require multiple retries. The difficulty spike is nice and steady and consistent all the way through.

Miko Mole - 2

Each level rewards you with stars if you complete it within the fastest time, and collecting everything without dying will earn you a speed bonus and an Epic Win with three stars. Can you achieve three stars on all 240 levels?

Miko Mole - 3

Miko Mole is a vibrant and colorful puzzler with more than 200 levels that will appeal to gamers of all ages and walks of like. It is a very fun time waster so if you are between games then look no further than Miko Mole. Depending on your skill you could complete the whole campaign in a handful of hours. Although I do think the game might have been a better fit for the PS Vita – a perfect game for on the go – the trophies will keep you busy on PlayStation 4 since there’s plenty of replayability in this game.

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