[PS Vita Visual Novel Review] Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

by Tracey

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is a PS Vita exclusive from Aksys Games. The game is a steampunk Otome visual novel set in London in 1853, at a time when Vincent Van Gogh was born, and Queen Victoria was on the throne. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ has a rich, and deep story that will tug at your heart strings at every turn.

You play as Cardia, a girl who suffers from a condition that does not allow her to ever have physical contact with anyone or anything as her touch is deadly and will melt and rot anything she touches. As a result of this her father has shut her away from civilization, and Cardia, therefore, spends her days inside of an old mansion. She is known to the local population as a monster, so at the start of the game the British Army has the mansion surrounded to capture this deadly “monster.”


Things start to turn around for Cardia when she meet’s a thief called Arsene Lupin who helps her escape from the loneliness of the world she lives in. Together they discover that the Horologium that is embedded in her chest could be the source of the deadly poison that flows through her veins. The Horologium is shaped like a beautiful rose and is azure in color – very pretty to look at but could be very deadly. Lupin says he may know someone who could have a look at it and maybe help her heal from her condition.


Arsene Lupin is one of five men Cardia will meet, and who knows, she might get a chance to experience a bit romance with one of them!. The other men she’ll meet are Impey Barbicane, Victor Frankenstein, Saint Germain and Abraham Van Helsing. Do you recognize any of the names? That’s right! They are famous literary characters.


Aside from the Government being after Cardia’s Horologium, it appears that Cardia’s father could be behind what is happening to her… as well as being the mastermind of an evil conspiracy. To unravel the mysteries that blight’s Cardia’s life, you must experience what the game has to offer – it is full of intrigue and mystery that will have you gasping in surprise!


Players can rewind text by pressing up on the analog stick, making it easier to go back to a previous path and see how things development on the paths you didn’t select at first. There is choice-based dialog here and there, and that means there’s plenty of replayability.


The game has a glossary you can fill with valuable information and data. When the text turns red during a conversation, you can hit the down button on the directional pad to view the definition or text related to the information being shared. There is a Gold trophy awarded for completely filling the glossary, so you’ll definitely need to do several playthroughs to complete it since there are many paths to take with different dialogue options for each character!


Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ has brilliant steampunk backgrounds, and the authentic clothing of 1850’s is absolutely first class. The attention to detail with regards to that period is very good, and you can see it has been thoroughly researched to give it an authentic feel. I highly recommend playing Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ since it’s one of the best and most emotional visual novels I have played! Sure, it doesn’t top the Daganronpa series – which in my opinion is the best visual novel series out there, but Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ does, however, come in as a very close second place.

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