Psychological Horror Game Among the Sleep Coming December 10

by Ceidz, Owner

On the official Playstation Blog, Among the Sleep developer Krillbite revealed that their psychological horror game is coming to PS4 on December 10th.

In Among the Sleep, you are following a two-years old toddler full of imagination in a horror setting. The game is said to “easily scare our pants off” so this should be interesting. They also talk about the technical issues that they encountered while moving the game from PC to PS4, and I found this very interesting!

Finally, they also confirmed why this game would not be a good fit for Playstation VR, the virtual reality headset that will release on the PS4 on this blog post. Essentially, a game needs to be developed from the ground up to be able to fit on a VR headset and some segments felt strange.

Any of you interested in this release?

More information can be found here.

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