[PS4 Review] Overruled!

by Tracey

Team17 published titles are coming in thick and fast as they make their mark as one of the leading indie publishing companies while also developing their own titles. This time around they’ve helped to bring Overruled! from Dlala Studios to PlayStation 4, and we have a review for you to learn more about the game!

Overruled! is first and foremost a multiplayer 2.5D brawler for 2-4 players. The rules are yours to change as you see fit, and you get to choose your character out of nine possible options, but first you have to unlock the characters since you just start out with a single character and the other eight you will unlock through natural progression.

Overruled - 1

The main aim of the game is to score the most points in objective based mini-game style matches. You also have a deck of 30 cards at your disposal to help you gain an advantage over your opponents. Every game is different, and the deck of cards you get is also different, so each game and how it plays out for you will be a unique experience.

As is expected for new releases, the online side of the multiplayer isn’t quite there yet since getting an online match takes several tries, so do be aware of how you’ll need to be patient as the games community continues to grow.

Overruled - 2

There is a singleplayer side for Overruled! where you have to complete 54 challenges in total. If you’re good and fast, enough you can aim for the best score possible for each challenge with the in-game trophy system (which is separate from the actual trophies for this PlayStation 4 release). The challenges are fun, and they test your skills more and more as you go.

Overruled - 3

And speaking of trophies proper, some are tied to the online multiplayer side of the game, so good luck with getting all of them! Overruled! has a list of 21 Bronze trophies, so you’ll definitely keep busy as you aim at getting this 100% for your collection.

Overruled - 4

And that is all there is to Overruled! I have mixed feelings about the game, because I loved the cute comic-style graphics, and there are no bugs or glitches in the game. The gameplay itself is very easy to pick up and play, but the challenges are tough to master. The problem right now, as is the case for most online multiplayer games, is that the game’s community will take some time to grow to where you can get enough online matches consistently.

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