[PS4 Review] Leo’s Fortune

by Tracey

Leo’s Fortune started its life as a mobile game but now it’s has been released on the PlayStaiton 4. Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful 2D sidescrolling puzzle/platformer with photo-realistic graphics that is absolutely gorgeous and fun. Want to learn more about Leo’s Fortune?

The game places players in control of the titular Leo, a turquoise ball of fur with big cute eyes, a cute French mustache and an Eastern European accent. Leo has somehow managed to lose all his fortune, so he sets out on a journey to find his missing coins. Strewn across every level are a large number of coins just waiting for Leo to collect them, hence the name for the title!

Leos Fortune - 1

Leo get’s around the levels by jumping, bouncing and gliding. When bouncing high Leo sucks up the air and make’s himself look bloated, and it is then that he can glide across huge gaps or wedge himself between narrow gaps to press switches that are located in awkward positions.

He travels to five different worlds split into five acts, and along the way he must avoid obstacles such as spikes, moving blocks and bottomless pits. The puzzles are quite varied and clever. The game is also very engaging and as you progress the puzzles will become more challenging, and trial and error will definitely come into play. So if you want a challenge, why not take a look at Leo’s Fortune? The difficulty spike happens at a reasonable pace, and the game is never too hard. As for the graphics, it is right up there with Pneuma Breath of Life, making this a very pretty game.

Leos Fortune - 2

Each level has three stars that will grade your performance. One is awarded for collecting all coins in the level, another one is awarded for not dying a single time in a level, and the final one is for completing levels within a specific time limit. You don’t have to get all stars at once, so you can definitely replay each level as you aim for one or two of the stars per run.

Leos Fortune - 3

The difference between this and the mobile version is that the mobile release is littered with in-app purchases (microtransactions) despite being a full priced title. The PS4 version, however, has completely removed this. Leo’s Fortune has no microtransactions so you can buy once and play without any limitations – a big plus in my book!

Leo’s Fortune has 14 trophies to unlock, and they’re not difficult since most of them require collecting the hidden golden cogs in the levels (but not all levels have a hidden golden cog). This is why the trophies are distributed into 12 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold.

Leos Fortune - 4

Leo’s Fortune is a well-polished title full of attention to detail with a nice colour palette that is very easy to the eye. The puzzles are clever and well thought through. The level design is very good, with lots of different contraptions to puzzle your way through. Leo’s Fortune really stands out from the sidescrolling puzzle/platformers – it is so much fun and highly addictive!

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