Check out the new Minecraft: Story Mode Launch Trailer!

by Ceidz, Owner

If you’ve been following us recently, you should know that I’m totally excited for the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode game from Telltale Games and Mojang! And now the wait is almost over becaue the game releases on October 13!

Earlier today on the official Playstation Blog, Telltale released a Launch Trailer (which of course raised my hype even more!), and announced that there is a possibility for you to attend a World Premiere event in Hollywood. If you’re interested to attend, tickets are free, but registration is required. Check the original post for more information!

In ‘Minecraft: Story Mode,’ playing as either a male or female hero named ‘Jesse,’ you’ll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. You and your friends revere the legendary Order of the Stone: Warrior, Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the Ender Dragon. While at EnderCon in hopes of meeting Gabriel the Warrior, Jesse’s friends discover that something is wrong… something dreadful. Terror is unleashed, and you must set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone if you are to save your world from oblivion.

Are you excited for this release? I personally can’t wait to have my hands on this game, so come back soon for our review of the first episode!

More information can be found on the original post!

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