The PlayStation 4 System Update Is Here And We Want To Give A Look At Some Of The New Features

by EdEN, Owner

The much talked about 3.0 System Softare Update is now available for download to all PS4 users, so we want to talk with you about some of the new features that will make the PlayStation 4 an even better console. Are you ready to dive into this new experience?

The first thing that will make all of you very happy is that the storage space for our saves in the cloud has gone from 1 GB (which used to seem like a lot) to a very welcomed 10 GB limit! With game saves getting bigger and some games featuring multiple save slots and multiple saves per slot (looking at you Apotheon!) the extra space makes us very happy.

Another handy feature is being able to share small clips straight to Twitter with a few button presses, sharing with the world what you’re doing with your gaming time. The limit is ten seconds, but don’t worry because you’ll be able to edit your larger videos to fit the limit.

Upload to Twitter

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get access to a handy section where they can manage their current subscription, learn about the current list of free PlayStation 4 games, as well as check out a list of all the games they’ve redeemed as a PlayStation Plus Subscriber.

New PS Plus Section

There’s a lot more to learn about the features included in System Update 3.0 so be sure to clicking right here to continue learning.

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