[PS4 Review] Boggle

by Tracey

Are you good at finding words against the clock? Three and four letter words are easy, but how about eight, nine, ten letter words? Do you have a broad vocabulary? Then this review has your name on it!

If you grew up in the 1980’s chances are you have played or owned the Boggle board game, enjoying it with your friends and family. Well, Hasbro and Ubisoft have collaborated to bring a console version of the three-minute word search game for you!

The PlayStation 4 version of Boggle brings in some new stuff. For example, you can customise your game to your liking, making it a rule that finding a word will add an extra two seconds to your timer, or ban a letter for a few seconds so you can’t use it, or assign letter score multipliers that increase your word score. You can even choose to see a list of available words for the current board!

Boggle - 1

You can either play solo, co-op or online with three other random players where you can rise through the ranks and earn the top spot on the leaderboards and become the best Boggle player around.

The aim of Boggle is to chain letters together to form words and to create as many words as you can – the more you create, the bigger the score. Long words are worth big points, so try and get as many five-letter words (or higher!) as possible to boost your score.

Boggle - Score

You can play in local co-op or versus modes for two players where you can team up or compete against each other on a shared board. Being able to play with my friends is something I absolutely loved it!

You can also try your luck with the daily boards. In this mode, the boards change every 24 hours, so that adds a bit of longevity to the game. This has made it very easy for me to constantly play the game to try the board for the day!

Boggle - 2

You can also track your stats, like your high score, the total number of games you have played, your average word speed, the longest word you have created, and the longest streak without mistakes, along with many more stats.

You can unlock Minefield mode with Uplay credits if you have a Uplay account. There’s also other things like dice skins that can be unlocked using HGC credits, so there’s definitely a lot of items you can unlock the more you play!

Boggle Trophies

The game has 15 trophies, all of which are Bronze. All the trophies are very time-consuming, but this is a very fun game, so instead of focusing on trophy hunting you should definitely enjoy your time with the game and have some fun!

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