[PS4 Review] Back To Bed

by Tracey

Back To Bed is a puzzle game about a guy called Bob who suffers from Narcolepsy, a condition that causes sufferers to fall asleep without warning even when not feeling tired. In this game, Bob is in bed presumably after having a narcoleptic attack and is in a dream state – his subconscious is sleepwalking while being guided by a blue dog called SuBob who sports Bob’s face! Your primary goal is to control SuBob and get Bob back into his bed without being woken up.

Across two chapters which consist of 15 levels per chapter you control SuBob around grid-based levels inspired by M.C Escher. You must guide Bob around the levels safely as you avoid obstacles that could potentially wake him up. Bob can only turn in a clockwise fashion, and to help Bob reach his bed you can use the dream world objects to your advantage and beat each of the 30 fun filled levels.

You can use the giant apples to stop Bob from going in a direction you don’t want him to, use them to stop him from falling off the edge or even send enemies off the edge like the wheelie alarm clocks out to get you. In later levels, you will be able to use the flat fish to create a bridge for Bob to cross gaps safely!

Back to Bed - 1

Not all enemies can be pushed off the edge, and that is the case for the black dogs or the manholes… but you CAN cover the manholes with the flat fish so that Bob can pass above them without any harm. Sometimes hazards can help Bob in certain situations like the pipes in chapter two which look like lips that blows out air. They might send Bob off the edge, but they can also help push him across gaps if guided correctly.

Once you complete all 30 levels you will unlock nightmare mode levels. For this, you’ll be repeating the same levels the difference being that you need to collect the keys to open the door to Bob’s bedroom and some levels will require you to collect multiple keys. These nightmare mode levels are certainly a bit more challenging with the key collecting thrown into the mix, but they’re also very enjoyable!

Back to Bed - 2

The graphics in the game are very well polished with nice and warm colors. I really liked the surrealist look of the dream worlds. Also, the quirky hand-drawn cutscenes were a joy to watch. The devs clearly put their heart and soul into this game, and it shows on screen. I love it when a developer that puts a lot of time and effort into their games, and devs like this should be rewarded for it!

Back to Bed should take you around 3-4 hours to complete, including the nightmare mode levels. This might take some of you a bit longer depending on your skill level, but you’ll greatly enjoy every minute of it.

The game has 16 trophies for you and they are all extremely easy to obtain. The trophies are 12 Bronze and 4 Silver, and the only one that requires a bit more planning is the speed run trophy, but you do love a challenge, right?

Back to Bed - 3

Back To Bed is certainly a very fun puzzle game. I think there is some room for improvement, and I can’t wait to see what the team can do if they ever consider doing a sequel. Overall, this is a fantastic game and an absolute blast to play – your brain will definitely get a workout.


This review is based on a digital copy of Back to Bed provided by Loot Interactive.

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