[PS4 Deadly Review] Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

by EdEN, Owner

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is a new take on Deception IV: Blood Ties that includes a lot of new content and a completely new campaign mode. In fact, on top of all of the new content Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess actually includes all of Blood Ties as well, making it the perfect option for PlayStation 4 owners since this marks the debut of the Deception series on Sony’s current-gen home console

Unleash your inner evil! The Nightmare Princess, Velguirie, uses her kicks and spins in her own quest to revive the Devil by trapping humans. Set over 180 traps in a variety of locales, including all new modern stages!

– New stages: gym, hospital, and park!
– New Quest Mode: Discover the story of Velguirie, the Nightmare Princess
– Enemy Edit to create your own sacrifices
– All of the content of Deception IV: Blood Ties
…and more!

*Traps, abilities, and costumes acquired in Deception IV: Blood Ties can be carried over to Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess.

Since odds are good about this being the first game in the series for lots of people, Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess kicks things off with a series of tutorial levels where players are introduced to the main mechanics for the game so that they can get a feel for how setting traps works, and how each trap reacts when a foolish adventurer activates it.


The gameplay is basically the same in Blood Ties and in The Nightmare Princess, except that Velguirie (the main character in Nightmare Princess) has a handy skill that Laegrinna (daughter of the devil and main character for Blood Ties) does not have access to – kicking! That’s right, Velguirie can use her long legs to kick adventurers, and said attack deals a bit of damage and, most importantly, sends enemies tumbling back which will hopefully help players to get them to land on top of a deadly trap or two!

Deception IV Nightmare Princess - 3

Traps are the bread and butter of Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, and learning how to use them in a combo is a must. You see, each of the traps will deal damage to an adventurer, but it might also add an extra effect or send an enemy flying towards another trap that will in turn send him/her towards another trap in the combo and so on. For example, let’s say that Velguirie starts a combo with a kick that sends an adventurer back a couple of steps. The adventurer then lands on a spring that sends him/her flying three squares, and this places said adventurer in the perfect spot for Valguirie to activate a swinging hammer that will deal massive damage to the adventurer. But wait, there’s more! Once the hammer did its thing, Valguirie activates a bow mechanism on the wall that ends up impaling the unlucky adventurer, dealing the killing blow! If you think this sounds like fun, then you’re going to love the game!

Deception IV Nightmare Princess - 2

Every level you play has a set goal for completion (that is, to clear the quest and open the way to playing new levels) as well as some extra objectives that, while entirely optional, must be completed in order to unlock new traps or improved versions of other traps awarded by the game after completing a level. The difference between a swinging hammer and a swinging hammer+ is considerable, especially when said trap is properly mixed into a combo. On top of this, trophy hunters WILL need to complete the extra objectives if they want to eventually get the Platinum trophy for their collection. Oh, and speaking of the Platinum, you better learn to make long combos because you will also need to clear all levels with an S rank.

Deception IV Nightmare Princess - 4

Along with the two main story modes (twice the story for twice the fun!), Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess also includes an editor mode called Deception Studio. While in this mode, players can create their own enemies (from all the body parts unlocked after completing levels and extra objectives) and missions and they can also upload them for the rest of the world to experience. This also means that you can download levels created by other players, which means that you could be playing the game every day and enjoying new levels so that you never get bored.

Deception IV Nightmare Princess - 5

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is a great improvement over Deception IV: Blood Ties thanks to its new story mode and the new content included in this revamped version. Those of you who already completed Blood Ties will be happy to hear that all trophies for The Nightmare Princess are new and that not a single trophy is tied to Blood Ties, which means that you can dive right into the new content and hopefully add another Platinum trophy to your collection.

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