[PS Vita Review] The Quiet Collection: Quiet, Please!

by EdEN, Owner

After being available on PlayStation Mobile (a service that no longer exists), Quiet, Please! has been re-released as part of the Quiet Collection, a PS Vita collection that includes four adventure games in a single package. Since each game is relatively short, we decided to do a short review for each game in the collection. Let’s get started!

After an annoying day at school, you just want some peace and quiet. But everything at home is so noisy! Dad is channel surfing, Mom is on the phone and your pesky kid brother won’t go to bed!

Quiet Please Vita

Nostatic Software presents Quiet, Please!, a short adventure game where you take control of a little girl who just wants some peace and quiet after a crappy day at school. The problem is that everyone in the house is set on making as much noise as possible! She must, therefore, do everything she can to eliminate all the annoying noise that is bothering her.

This means she’ll need to make sure her little brother stops running around messing things up so that he can finally go to sleep, find a way to make her mother stop talking so loud on the phone and get her dad away from the TV. Those are the main goals but to succeed you’ll need to search around the house for items that can help you solve smaller puzzles that will open the way to the bigger solutions.

Quiet, Please! is a short and sweet adventure game that you will probably finish in 15-20 minutes at most. There is no save option, so be sure to put your PS Vita in sleep mode if you’re going to take a break. The minimalistic graphics are charming in their own way, and I definitely had fun during my time with the game. Be sure to return tomorrow for our review of Quiet Christmas, the second game in the collection!

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