[PS Vita Review] The Quiet Collection: Quiet Christmas

by EdEN, Owner

Welcome to our review for Quiet Christmas, the second game included in The Quiet Collection on PlayStation Vita. If you missed yesterday’s review for Quiet, Please! be sure to check it out to learn more about the game!

It’s Christmas Eve and you just want to go to bed and wake up on Christmas morning. But the tree is broken, the house is too cold, Mr. Peabody’s tacky Xmas display is annoying and as always your brother won’t go to bed.

Quiet Christmas brings us back to the same house from Quiet, Please!, but this time around the problem is that the little girl wants to go to sleep so that she can wake up in Christmas morning to open up her presents. But, as was the case last time, there’s too much noise around the house that won’t make it possible. On top of that, there’s stuff missing that is keeping this from being a proper Christmas.

Quiet Christmas

Will you be able to fix things or will you need to suffer through an endless night that is keeping you from enjoying the lovely Christmas presents that will be waiting for you under the tree once the sun rises? Quiet Christmas is also a short game that should take you around 15-20 minutes to complete, and there is no way to save so be sure not to quit to the menu if you want to take a break!

Quiet Christmas was just as fun as Quiet, Please! I liked the new puzzles and the changes made to the house really make it fit with the Christmas theme. It’s a perfect fit for the PS Vita, and it will help to scratch that adventure game itch.

Tomorrow we’ll be reviewing Vacation Vexation, the third game in the collection, so be sure to stick around at PS4blog.net!

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