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[PS Vita Review] The Quiet Collection: Candy, Please! |

[PS Vita Review] The Quiet Collection: Candy, Please!
EdEN, Owner
  • On September 11, 2015

Review Overview

I want candy!


After reviewing Quiet, Please!, Quiet Christmas and Vacation Vexation, it is now time to do one final review for The Quiet Collection where we’ll talk about the Halloween themed Candy, Please!

It’s Halloween – a time to dress up, carve pumpkins and amass glorious amounts of candy. Let nothing stop you from getting your fair share!

Who doesn’t like Candy? After the little girl found a way to get some sleep, celebrate a proper Christmas where what matters the most is opening the presents in the morning, and taking a short but sweet vacation to the beach, it is time for her to dress up and collect some candy from all the houses in the neighborhood as she goes on a Trick or Treat rampage!

Candy Please

Step one for your plan is to secure all the items needed for making a costume for the little girl, as well as one costume for her brother. The more items you find, the more costumes you’ll be able to make, and this will make it easier for you to fill the candy bowl in the house with all of your sweet, sweet riches. Luckily this time around there is a wardrobe in the little girl’s room you can use to store some of the items you find so there’s less backtracking overall, and once you make a costume you’ll have more room in there for new items.

As was the case with Vacation Vexation, Candy, Please¡ is also 40-60 minutes long and you can save your progress as you go. This means that if you play and complete all four games in the collection, you’ll get a chance to enjoy, say, approximately 2 to 3 hours of content which is great considering the price for the collection.