[PS4blog] Weekly Recap – August 3 to August 9

by EdEN, Owner

The new weekly recap is here! Click past the break to check all of our news and reviews for the previous week to make sure you haven’t missed any.

For the previous weekly recap, you can click right here.

[Vita Review] NekoBuro – Cats Block

The Castle Game Is Out Today On PS4!

Toy Soldiers: War Chest Out This Month

Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron Mode Gameplay Trailer

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer

[PS4 Review] Yasai Ninja

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Final Fantasy XV’s Gamescon 2015 Trailer: “Dawn”

[PS4 Review] Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Life is Strange developer details a full conversation branching tree

Interview with Will O’Neill – Actual Sunlight

Free Points Saturday | August 8, 2015

Playtonic Games Set To Partner With Team17 To Release Yooka-Laylee

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